You Blink and They are Grown

View More: the first time I can remember being asked this question until today my answer has been the same. “What do you want to do when you grow up?” Without a pause or hesitation, I say …. a mom! I love ministry. I enjoy working. However, my highest calling is being a wife and mom. It isn’t that being focused on family is easy, because you know it isn’t easy. We have suffered death and divorce. We have embraced and sometimes just endured change. We have dealt with depression and financial setbacks just like many of you. However, at the end of the day when all the dust settles and I walk from room to room checking on the kids, praying for each one, I am truly content.

These days there are fewer rooms to check. Soon there will only be two rooms filled and the other chickies will have flown the nest. By fall we will be sending one to Gainesville for her final semester in college and a wedding in December. One will be heading to Gainesville for her first semester of college. We will pack another off to seminary. You blink and they are grown.

This time of year is full of lasts, especially this year. The last band and chorus concert. The last day of high school. The last day of elementary school.  It is the end of an era for several of our kids and the beginning of the end for several of them as well. (They will be seniors next year.) It begins to feel like an out-of-control train. I find myself longing for the calm of summer. Yet, in the midst of this longing, I remember that in a few weeks things will never be the same. NEVER!

James 4:14

Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.

Don’t wish away these days. Live each moment to the fullest. You blink and they are grown. What a mighty responsibility to be allowed to leave fingerprints of faith on your kids. Each event and interaction with your family allows you to leave a lasting impression on their lives. Don’t allow stress and fatigue to steal the joy of the moment. There may only be a few of these moments left. Does it really matter if the house is perfect? It’s ok if dinner is take-out a few times this month. The tone and atmosphere of the home is more important than the dust on the floors or the lack of a perfect meal. Leave fingerprints of mercy and love on your family this season. Embrace the moment not the perfection of the event. Laugh at the mishaps and love your kids through the stress of this time of year. Show them that they are important not the perception of perfection.

You blink and they are grown.

  1. Stop focusing on the event and enjoy the people. Activities are overwhelming but don’t we plan and attend these events for the PEOPLE involved?
  2. Treasure the little things. Take time to hug. Skip a lecture and put their laundry up for them. Pack something strange in their lunch. Have a picnic for dinner. Turn the music up and dance. (Trust me…. the kids love this! LOL!)
  3. Look for the good in people and events. Nothing is perfect but there is good there if you look. So what if you don’t get the best seat for the concert? What if the final grade wasn’t as high as you hoped? You may have to rush from one event to the next but be grateful your child is still around for these things to be a problem. Embrace the chaos that comes with life and look for the good.

These days I catch myself wishing I had a few hours alone at home to write or maybe just clean the floors without someone tracking dirt on them right away. I woke up a few nights ago anxious and upset from a dream where the house was empty and I was running from one room to another looking for the kids. I know this probably means I need therapy but it did remind me to enjoy these busy days of May and June. You blink and they are grown…. and gone!

Psalm 89:47

Remember how short my time is: wherefore hast thou made all men in vain?

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