The Death of a Plan

What a magical time we had touring the campus. The sheer size of the buildings and facilities was enough to inspire awe. The commitment to Christian excellence immediately put my momma’s heart at peace. “This is a place where I can feel comfortable leaving my Smelly Monster,” I thought. From that point on not one thing went right. Credits won’t transfer. Financial aid award letter is wrong. Shortfall is more not less than what we expected. Major he is interested in will take more than two years to finish adding an extra year on since he is a sophomore already. Seriously, the list really does go on.

Hello God! Our plan seems spiritual. Serving God full time. Our plan seems reasonable. Christian college for a mature 19-year-old. Our plan seems exciting. A move to a new part of the country broadening his life experience. Our plan seems safe. It is a renowned Christian college. Our plan seems Grave stones practical. Stay at home for two years then finish out the last two years away. Our plan won’t work. Whatttttttttttttttt?????

Sometimes it takes the death of “our plan” to give God the space to allow the birth of faith in our hearts. In the spirit of authenticity, I have to share that I hate this principle. I lean more toward the principle of “God blesses planning and hard work,” which is very true. However, our spiritual life isn’t static. It doesn’t stay still. God knows where we are and what principles we need right when we need them. There are times that the only way we can exercise faith is to have all our planned options shot down. I am learning a few key things during this season.

  1. The death of my plan doesn’t mean God is going to swoop in and walk on water to fulfill MY plan. It means I need to trust HIM for a new plan. I should trust God enough to rest in the promise that He has a plan for me. (And my Smelly Monster) Jeremiah 29:11
  2. This is hard and it stinks. Sorry. I know that isn’t really a spiritual response but it is authentic. Trusting God when there doesn’t seem to be a solution is really hard. I have found that it is even harder when the plan includes my Smelly Monsters. My spirit animal is a momma bear.
  3. God is good and wants what is best for me and mine. Just like I don’t always give my kids what they want and don’t give into their requests, God is parenting me. He knows what is best for me in the long run. His best is a way better plan than my human solution to things. Matthew 7:8-10

God knows our hearts. God knows the big picture. God loves us wildly and without any reserves. Let’s rest in his arms and mourn our plans but find comfort in the assurance that His plan is bigger, better and best.

Please join the conversation below and share a time that your plan died but God’s plan was better. Sharing God’s faithfulness in your life strengthens our faith!

2 thoughts on “The Death of a Plan

  1. Wow! If I had a dollar for every time my plan has died I would so be a millionaire. My plan for my children has been to raise them to love God (That part it going well) and to get a stellar education that would allow them to be productive Christians serving their community ( They are doing that as well. Serving their community as growing Christians not the college education part). The problems started when my daughter wanted to leave college before graduation and marry this great guy. I had no problem with her marrying this awesome fellow; I just wanted her to graduate college first. The Lord showed me the wisdom in backing off and she married the guy and they are expecting their first child. She told me she went to school and received wonderful training watching me, that I had prepared her for her life’s work… being a Godly wife and mother ( talk about humbling). My son who has since he was four declared that he was going to be in the military has enlisted in the Marines! Again, I have no problem with him being in the military. I do believe it is God’s will but I was planning on him going to college first. Well not only is that not happening but he graduated high school early and is leaving in May to fulfill the dream God put in his heart. A wise man
    ( my husband) once told me,”Bury your dreams in the will of God and he will resurrect them.” Reminds me of the verse, Delight thyself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. I use to think that meant if I was a good Christian he would make things go the way I wanted. I have in my older more tested years learned it means that if I am delighting in HIM he will give me the things he desires for me to desire. He will make my heart and my plans line up with his perfect will for me.

    • You are so right. I love what you said about delighting in HIM and He will make our desires line up with His. Not an easy lesson but so true. It is great to hear that your kids are doing well! Thanks for sharing!

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