The Birth of Faith

After the death of my plan!

Faith Banner by Caleb Frink

After our college visit experience (The Death of a Plan) my heart is bruised. Grieving is a process. Even grieving the loss of a plan can be traumatic. I feel anxious. I want my kids to trust God but allowing the process to happen is very painful. What if God doesn’t answer like we want? What if we are not asking for the right things? What if I am getting in God’s way? Faith is so hard sometimes. I find it is easier having faith when it doesn’t impact my kids.

A speaker at our church (Randy Teegarden) told a story about his son. Around the age of 7, their son attended VBS at their home church. The culmination of the week was a drawing for a bike. Each night the kids could say verses, bring their Bibles, invite friends and so forth and get their name written on a piece of paper and put into the jar for the drawing. The speaker’s son did all the right things that week. He was able to get his name in the jar multiple times, but so did many other boys and girls. However, his son was convinced that he would win. The boys prayed about the bike. He talked about the bike. He dreamed about walking down the aisle to accept the bike. The speaker and his wife were very concerned that this would shake their little one’s faith in God if he didn’t win. During the story Larry leaned over to me and asked me what I would have done. I immediately said, “I would have gone to Walmart and bought a bike for him just in case he didn’t win and have it waiting.” Larry laughed because he knows me so well. I turned my attention back to the speaker as he finished the story. He said the night of the drawing came and his son was so excited about the bike that he even had a place in the garage cleaned out where they would keep the bike. The speaker and his wife were sick. It was a nail biting wait as the VBS culminated in the drawing. The VBS leader reached way down into the jar and announced that the speaker’s son had won! At that point in our service the speaker went to the side room and brought out the exact bike his son had won. It was loved and used but it was real and sitting on our stage. I embarrassed myself by having to wipe tears from my face that day and even now as I type this out. Oh, to have that kind of faith and to allow God to work that kind of faith in my kids.

  1. Faith takes action. I believe that many times God is waiting on us to do our part. The speaker’s son brought his Bible, learned his verse and invited friends. James 2:14-26 I really like this part.
  2. Faith takes trust. Faith and trust are two different things. I absolutely KNOW God can answer my prayers. The issue is…. do I TRUST Him with the answer? Luke 11:9-13 I don’t like this part.
  3. Don’t go to Walmart. This is just a good life lesson. LOL. We are called to action. We are called to trust. We are not called to manipulate things to work out the way we want. We are to rest in God’s plan and allow God to teach us (and our kids) lessons. No buying bikes at Walmart and keeping them in the garage just in case! II Chronicles 14:11

I am not sure what the conclusion will be to our story of faith. However, my deepest desire is to live a life of grace that models God’s love for those around me. I want to point them to Christ. I don’t have what they need to heal their heart and bring back their joy but GOD DOES!

What kinds of situations have you experienced that required you to step back and trust God with the solution to your problems? Were there verses that helped you through? Share your thoughts and verses with the community.