Parenting by Reflecting God’s Grace Part II

Larry's Replacement

I hate to admit this, but sometimes I dread summer. Hey, get off your high horse. I am just being honest. I must not be the only one because I saw the “Back to School” commercial for Staples with a mom skipping to the song, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”

I work from home. My kids don’t get that. Being home must mean I am able to run them across town to meet a friend or host an impromptu youth group gathering. This past summer was the worst. We replaced the floors during a month of solid rain. The workers were in our house 7 am to 5 pm for six straight weeks. I begged Larry to share with the workers that I work from home and have conference calls and meetings. He tried his best but their answer was that I wasn’t going to bother them! Uggg!

Part of what Larry does to help during the summer is to take Lucas to work some days. Larry travels around and is an agricultural sales consultant. It is the cutest thing ever when Lucas knows he is going to work with Larry. He will call downstairs and ask what “uniform” shirt they are wearing. Larry will give him a color and Lucas will come down dressed to match Larry in a polo shirt the same color as Larry’s. They travel around and Larry introduces Lucas to all his customers has his future replacement.

Our kids will learn way more about God from watching us than from what we say. We need to reflect God’s grace to them every day! What a gift we can give our kids if we walk in grace and show them God’s love rather than tell them. Here are two more ways we can reflect God’s grace into our kid’s lives:  (Find the first two here at Parenting by Reflecting God’s Grace Part I.)

  1. God seeks us out. Charge forward and make time for each child individually. This gives you a chance to see them as unique and gives them time to bask in your attention. Trust me, I know this is hard but so worth the effort. God didn’t wait until we got our act together to seek us out. This type of grace takes effort but you will reap great rewards. Romans 5:8
  2. God saturates us in His love. Show kindness to your little ones (and bigger ones). Be willing to say you are sorry. Don’t let pride rob you. Don’t have envy over what others have or what their kids are doing. Trust me, you don’t want it! Don’t keep score of wrongs. Give freely and act unselfishly. Protect them and stand up for them but rejoice in truth. Don’t help them avoid consequence when they were wrong. Help them face it head on and respond well. Encourage and motivate them to be God’s best, not what you want but what God wants. I Corinthians 13

I use drive time to spend quality time one on one with my kids. What types of things do you do to build in personal time with your kids? Share with the community and help us all grow in grace