Life Coaching – Week 6 – The Active Decision

Psalm 1:3

And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

1. Without the Active Decision none of the other decisions are useful!  “Becoming a person of action is a choice.” Andy Andrews. When I feel depressed or overwhelmed I found after thinking about it this week that I do many of the same actions.

o Eat junk food
o Watch TV
o Stay in my PJs
o Have no people contact
I put into place some REACTIONS to the immediate feeling I have when I am not motivated. Instead of grabbing junk food I grabbed a water and an apple. I either put on my exercise clothes and go for a walk or I shower and “get dressed” for work. (I work from home so it is kind of funny but it works for me!) This week I planned a better redirect for each response I usually have when I am feeling down and it worked really well. I got my hinder parts kicked by the exercise class filled with the “Sliver Sneakers” club but had a blast and didn’t give in to the unmotivated feelings that came!

This week’s blog is late. I ended up with a migraine Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, it is so nice to feel better today. Sometimes we have to know how it feels to feel bad before we can appreciate good! Andy says that successful people make their decision quickly and change their mind slowly. I think it is because successful people already KNOW what they SHOULD do… they don’t have to think about what decision to make. They already know! We know at least 3 right decisions (Accept Responsibility, Seek Wisdom, Take Action) to make so let’s act like successful people and DO SOMETHING! Watch this video. It is hilarious but makes a good point.

Folks who overcome and make commitments are so inspiring. One of the biggest weaknesses (so far) our study has shown me in my own character is a lack of commitment to continue no matter what. I am so motivated by our lessons and then I fail to put them into practice. Derek Redmond was an Olympic athlete that committed to take action and even against overwhelming odds finished the race. How much does it take to make you quit?

2. Steps that will help you choose to become a person of action.

  • Decide that you ARE a person of action. This simple mental exercise changes your perspective. Now you just have to ACT like the person you know you are!
  • Don’t give in to your BUT! (not your butt… your but!) I would exercise but…. I hurt my knee. I would eat right but…. it cost so much. I would get up early but… I am so tired…. You get my point.
  • Get up EARLY! (This is why I posted the Early Morning Challenge for those of you who are virtual or who missed our class. Good news… I am going to extend the challenge for next week so EVERYONE can join!) Thomas Jefferson had so many accomplishments that they are too long to list. He credits his accomplishments to getting up early. George Washington Carver, Benjamin Franklin, George Muller… JESUS were all folks who got up early!
  • Realize you are an inspiration to others. Feel the weight of this responsibility and use it to motivate you. I remember seeing my grandmother, Nana, sitting at her table looking at the lake reading her Bible and writing notes of encouragement to fellow believers. What a great inspiration. She probably never knew how much she inspired me to be better than average!
  • Every action you take, changes things!

WATCH THIS VIDEO! If you don’t watch any of the other videos, watch this one! It will help you understand that every action you take matters! TAKE ACTION this week! What you do matters!


1. Read Chapter 6 in the Traveler’s Gift

2. Look over your Journal and review “Crafting your Vision” and Realizing your Vision.”  Find 5 small actions to commit to do in the next 24 to 48 hours. Don’t stand on the escalator waiting for someone to come fix your issues. The solution is YOU! It may be harder and take more effort than you expected but you can make a difference by taking ACTION!

• What can you do to make progress on a specific problem?
o Job – Look for a new position, get training, take a course
o Health – Make one change (Go to the “Sliver Sneakers” class with me and get your hinder parts kicked!)
o Finance – Cut out one expenditure that isn’t a necessity.

3.  One week challenge: Get up an hour before you usually do and post on our site for accountability! I am so proud of those of you who are posting! Next week I travel as some of you do but I will continue to post. My time zone will be different but it will still be early!



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