Life Coaching – Week 5 – Seek Wisdom

In the Traveler’s Gift this week, David Ponder gets to experience the amazing story where King Solomon from the Bible uses great wisdom. Two mothers were claiming one baby and he asks that a sword be brought to cut the baby in half so that each mother could have part of the baby. The salient point becomes if he does cut the baby in half, the child will die. The true mother pleads for Solomon to save the child and just give it to the other woman. Solomon then knows who the real mother is and gives the baby back to the one who pleaded for the life of the child.

Wisdom Principle ThingWe talked about Solomon’s great wisdom. God came to Solomon in 2 Chronicles 1:7 and said, “Ask what I shall give thee.” Solomon asked for wisdom because the responsibility to judge the nation of Israel was such a huge task, he didn’t feel adequate. Ross (from our class) and I were talking after class and he brought to my attention why Solomon chose to ask for wisdom. In Proverbs, Solomon says that he was tender and beloved in the sight of his parents and his father taught him that “Wisdom is the principal thing…” Because of this foundation, he knew right away what to choose when God gave him the opportunity to make a decision. What an amazing story. This should shake us to our core. We need to not only seek wisdom for ourselves but train those we influence that wisdom is the principal thing. Thank you Ross for that great insight!

Wisdom is not knowledge or education. Wisdom is the ability to apply the knowledge that we have gained in practical situations. We have an even higher level of wisdom when we gain Biblical knowledge and allow the Holy Spirit to give us discernment to apply that Biblical knowledge.

We have to have a teachable attitude. This willingness to learn begins with humility. God gives wisdom to those who are diligent and seek him! Don’t let Satan make you doubt God’s principles and make you “double minded.” (James 1) God said he will give wisdom to any who ask. Satan is the one whispering that you have failed too many times or that stuff like this doesn’t work in real life or that you are too busy to do the three things below that will help us begin to seek wisdom. Don’t let Satan undermine your decision to SEEK WISDOM!

Three ways to seek wisdom…..

1. Read books! Books will inspire you to do things you wouldn’t normally do. You are molded by the information input into your brain. The books you read can be fiction or nonfiction. They can be digital, paper or audio. You can read them in small chunks or all at once. Just read!

  • Schedule in space to read. Drag the book around with you so that when you are delayed (Doc’s office, picking up kids from practice, traveling) you are excited to have extra time rather than upset over the delay. Preparation is key to finding time to read.
  • Find books at garage sales; borrow them from the library or friends. Get recommendations from those you admire.
  • Audio books are good for your commute time.
  • Share your books with others. This past week I brought my library to church and let the class take as many of my books as they wanted. I have to admit, I had a bit of a panic attack as the books were chosen, but I know that this is part of influencing others to choose wisdom!

Board of Directors2. Take counsel from others. Peer pressure is a huge factor our entire lives. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that you are past the stage of being influenced by those around you.

  • Choose your companions wisely and limit contact with those who do not inspire you to be better than you are.
  • Peer impact never goes away.
  • When you tolerate mediocrity in your companions you will be more accepting of it in yourself. (Hanna chose to hang out with a group of friends in high school that were all focused on high GPA’s. This choice put her in a crowd that pushed her to achieve way more than she thought he could accomplish. She graduated with a 6.3 GPA and was accepted to UF – her dream school. Woo hoo Hanna. Bad decisions take us to bad places but good decisions take us to good places!)
  • A True friend doesn’t accept you for who you are… they hold you to a higher standard and want better for you.
  • Surround yourself with folks who are better than you in different areas. If you are struggling with finances, look for someone who has had success in that area.
  • Set up a “Board of Directors”. Vicky shared with us in class that her children needed to set up a board of directors for their singing group and they chose someone who they thought might not agree. He ended up agreeing and being a wonderful addition and has added great insight and counsel.
    1. They don’t have to know they are on your board. The person you choose might just give you counsel one time.
    2. Pick folks you admire and who are successful in the area you are working on or making a decision.
    3. Aim high. If you only counsel with yourself or those in your immediate circle, you are limiting the scope of wisdom God wants to give you!
    4. An example might be if you are having family problems with raising kids, choose someone in your church who has successfully raised children. They don’t have to be perfect, just willing to share their wisdom.
  • You will always need a board of directors. This isn’t a once and done exercise. You have to continue to seek counsel from others.

3. Serve Others. This is a heart attitude that puts you in a position to rub shoulders with folks who can share wisdom.

  • Serving cultivates humility (A precursor to gaining wisdom.)
  • Creates a bond with those you serve and those who see you serving.
  • Offers an opportunity to be around successful people. Volunteer for extra assignments at work. This attitude gave me the opportunity to show that I was a team player and had additional talents that were not being showcased in my current position at FLVS. When the promotion became available at work, I was the obvious pick, even over others with more education or tenure.
  • We are not serving with ulterior motives. However, the principle is still true. Serving is the quickest way to the top. This isn’t a world view but a BIBLICAL principle. (Matt. 20:16 “So the last shall be first, and the first last…”)
  • Serving helps you gain confidence in yourself.

Home Work  for the week! Be an ACTIVE learner! All of the HW items should be written in your journal. This is the key to your success!!!!!

1. Make sure you have worked on last week’s assignments. Remember… this is a building process. Don’t skip the foundation!

2. Read Chapter 5 in the Traveler’s Gift.

3. Pick a book and read it every day – Find one that is focused on your area of improvement. (Spiritual, Physical, Financial, Social, Emotional, Professional and Family.)

4. Create a mental board of directors for your life so that when you need counsel you have already identified someone who can help you seek wisdom.

5. Apply one servant attitude a day. Track outcomes over the week. How do you feel? How does serving others make you appear to others? Perception is a big part of success. Confidence is a key factor. A servant attitude shows you are the most comfortable with yourself.

25 gift cardI am giving away a $25 gift card  for this week. (You can buy a book!) The only thing you have to do is post a comment focused on our lesson either here on the blog or on Facebook or share the link with your friends. When you post or share the link I will put your name in the drawing for the gift card. You can get your name put in multiple times by posting in both the blog and FB and by sharing the link. We are learning to apply the 7 decisions and would be selfish if we didn’t share what we are learning with others. This is just a little motivation to help you become an ACTIVE learner! Let your friends know that even if they are not in the class, they can subscribe to the blog and post a comment and they will be eligible for the Amazon gift card drawing as well. Our goal is to get this information out to as many folks as we can!







2 thoughts on “Life Coaching – Week 5 – Seek Wisdom

  1. Evona, this week’s lesson was very inspiring. Sometimes we think we have been there and done that, but there is some much more to learn, and so much more growing to do. Education and holiness is continuous on a daily basis. Thank you for reinforcing that in your lesson.

  2. I was struggling with a decision this week. It was a big one and it needed immediate attention. I turned to a spiritual director who helped me make a smart decision. It turned out God knew why I was suppose to be where I was and it had nothing to do with anything I was struggling with. It was just God allowing us to be at the right place at the right time to encourage someone else.

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