SCF 002: Authentic Answers about Grief from a Pastor’s Wife

Still Choosing Faith Podcast

Today I am answering questions that came in from readers and listeners about grief. These may be some of the same questions you have but have been hesitant to ask face to face. So many times we reach out to Christian leadership for help while grieving and as leadership in our zeal to give a Biblical answer we give the “all things work together for good” canned response. Listen and hear me address questions from real people going through real grief from a Biblical viewpoint with candor and authenticity. I have been there and understand!

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Click here to get your copy of Choosing Faith Against the Odds written by Pastor Cliff and Mrs. Evona during their fight with cancer.

SCF 001: The Death of a Plan. The Birth of Faith.

Still Choosing Faith Podcast

Today we are talking about The Death of a Plan. The Birth of Faith. It can be very stressful and scary when a plan falls apart, especially a plan we thought was God’s will. We have to go through a process of grieving and letting go but the outcome of that pain gives way to the birth of something great… Faith! Listen as we look at 3 things we need to see while grieving our plan and 3 things we need to acknowledge when faith is born.