My Monsters

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Our sweet and smelly monsters are a gift from God. Each one is unique and adds to our family. Read a little about them below.

Hanna (middle) is determined. She sets her mind on a task and isn’t easily swayed. She is a junior at the University of Florida heading to med school. This year has been full for Hanna as the Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) President at UF. So happy she has such a good group of Christian friends at such a large university. We are so proud of her drive and desire to please the Lord.

Micah (with glasses)is passionate. He is either all in or all out. Nothing is lukewarm in his life. He loves the Lord and wants to serve him. He hates pickles and vegetables. He is a gifted speaker and musician. Micah is a sophomore at the University of Tampa praying about making a change to pursue full time ministry. He is also heavily involved with the BCM at UT and is filling the tiny extra spaces of time working part time as interim choir director at our home church, Fellowship Baptist Church and doing video blogs. Click here to see his work. We are proud of his heart for ministry.

Abby (right side) brings happiness to our family. She is joyful. Her laughter is contagious even if we don’t have a clue what she is talking about. What an exciting senior year she is having. Setting her sights on Drum Major in 9th grade gave her a lofty goal. However, we were not surprised to hear that she was chosen. Between show choir, Drum Major for the band, homecoming court and five AP classes she is busy working toward attending the University of Florida in the fall. We are proud of her thankful attitude and joyful spirit.

Caleb (striped shirt) is funny. His timing and sense of humor make him fun to be around. He is a wealth of random information. How much of it is true we are not sure but it is very entertaining. Caleb loves me and his dog Rocky and not always in that order! This year he is working at Publix, going to school, doing dual enrollment and working on photography in his free time. Many of the pictures on this site were taken by Caleb. Click here to see his work. We are proud of his compassionate nature and determination to work hard.

Lucas (youngest on the left) is tender. He is the baby and knows that he has a special place in all our hearts. However, he constantly makes cards and writes notes to let the rest of us know how much we mean to him. He loves to read, code on the computer and we are planning on him making big bucks to support us in our old age. Since Lucas has so many allergies, he has a pet turtle rather than a furry animal. Leo is a weird little animal but Lucas loves him dearly. We are proud of Lucas’ integrity and pure heart.