My Husband

View More: let’s face it, being married is hard to begin with but wow…oh my word… try starting out with a bunch of kids (6), previous spouses and a peanut gallery! How blessed I am to have such a kind, patient man in my life. Believe me, I require a lot of patience! Larry Jones loves my boys and always writes my name down as his hobby. Gotta love a man who lets everyone know you are his hobby. Blending a family is never easy. We disagree on many topics but agree on the main thing. We love Jesus and want to honor Him. This makes our individual viewpoints a lot less important. We both have suffered loss and have survived. Together we thrive. We learn from each other and make each other better people. Our marriage/family motto is “Thankful, Grateful and Blessed.” I know, so cool to have a motto! I recommend you make one for your family! We are hilariously, seriously unconventional and dysfunctional. Only God could have put us together as a family. Larry was a close friend of Cliff (Husband #1) and understands that having early family pictures with Cliff and the Smelly Monsters together displayed at our house is good for us. This does cause serious confusion with repairmen and workers. I just explain that I am Mormon! LOL You have to laugh.

Larry is a salesman and consultant for Southern Agriculture. He really enjoys his job because he gets to hang out and chat for a living! #whatalife Larry has 2 grown daughters, Carrie and Sarah, and 5 grandkids. (I’m not ready to be a grandma but the kids are super cute.) Larry’s younger kids (not so young anymore) are Daniel who is super talented musically and is working toward doing music full-time, Hanna who is a junior at the University of Florida heading toward med school and Abby who is taking life by storm in her senior year of high school.

Larry’s personal motto View More: “I’m not going to do anything in a hurry.” This has been challenging because my motto is “I’m not sure where I’m going but I am going to be the first one there!” What a sense of humor God has.

I love change hence the hilarious hair style metamorphosis video (Click Here) created by Smelly Monster #2. Larry loves consistency.

I love to start things. Larry has to finish them.

I am overconfident in my ability to pull things off. Larry thinks through all the pitfalls and helps me accomplish my dreams.

I am thankful that God wants me to thrive. I am grateful that Larry was willing to join me chasing the train of life that took off without me. I am so very blessed to have someone who loves me for who I am but sees what I can be and helps me grow.