My Favorite Things

Random facts about me.

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  • I love all things vintage. (Husband #2 is thankful for this. There are quite a few years’ difference in our ages.)
  • I love the idea of gardening. I tend to kill all plants. True story, I once spent a summer so proud of the fichus tree on our porch only to find out I had been watering and caring for a silk tree!
  • I drink gallons of green tea lemonade. My favorite is to add peach syrup to the mix (Thank you Starbucks). This habit ensures I take many breaks while writing running downstairs to the potty.
  • I would rather go to the bookstore than the mall.
  • I LOVE books. I like the smell of books, the feel of books and basically everything about books. I am sadly out of space and now use a Kindle and only buy the real books for the ones I know I’ll read again.
  • I wear mostly black and white but want to expand my wardrobe so I am now accenting my black and white outfits with a few other colors. I know… wild and crazy! Don’t judge, this is a process.
  • I have a different hairstyle (and sometimes color) every time I go to the salon. Click here to see what I mean.
  • I can’t have music on and carry on a conversation. I get cranky. I think my brain is wired to only process one thing at a time. (Sad thing for my family because EVERYONE else loves loud music and I am the party pooper.)
  • I am a serious homebody. I love spending time at home more than anything.
  • I walk every day for exercise. I have too many girl parts that flop to run.
  • I get seriously claustrophobic when things are around my neck so I pray turtlenecks and choker necklaces don’t come back in style.
  • I love to eat while I read but my pants seem to shrink when I do that so I don’t buy any snacks. My Smelly Monsters hate this.
  • My spirit animal is a momma bear! I take mothering very seriously, much to the consternation of all the Monsters.
  • I love reading and teaching the Bible. It comforts me to know that there is someone giving me direction that actually has His act together.