Faith is based on God’s nature not the nature of the situation.

Addressing issues authentically with humor and grace

View More: a wife, mom, uninspired dog and turtle owner, author, speaker and entrepreneur, the train took off without me and I am just doing my best to catch up! I only recently quit my day job as in independent territory manager for Florida Virtual School Global and I am working full time on Still Choosing Faith Ministries. There, I said it! It has been a secret until now! When I am not racing around driving the SUV Frink Jones taxi service I am focusing on writing.

My success as a teacher/trainer and territory manager have given me a new set of skills to bring to the ministry platform. I am passionate about connecting with others who want more from life. Together we can have outrageous joy, even in difficult times. View More:

The death of my first husband pushed me into a new space and taught me so many things about myself, and about God. Change, loss, trials or being stuck in a rut can be the best thing that has ever happened to you. Embrace the challenge and see where it takes you.

Three years after Husband #1 died of cancer I married our longtime family friend, Larry Jones, affectionately called Husband #2 (never just #2 for obvious reasons). Together we have my three Smelly Monster boys and his two Sweet Smelling Monster girls living at home… sort of. A couple of the Monsters are in college but still have rooms at home! I am actively protecting the uninhabited rooms from the other Monsters who have game room and storage plans for the spaces. Through our loss, God has given me the opportunity to speak at many churches and conferences and even two national TV interviews, several newspaper and magazine interviews and countless radio appearances. It never ceases to amaze me that God can give outrageous joy in difficult times. I can’t wait to see what is next!

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